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60% of male managers now say they're uncomfortable participating in work activities with women

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The #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have brought huge attention to the challenges women face at work, but a new survey finds that 60% of male managers say they’re uncomfortable participating in regular work activities with women, including mentoring, working one-on-one or socializing.

Layman explanation(LE): Men are now very afraid of being skewered by ambitious unscrupulous women aiming for their positions.

According to the survey, released by and SurveyMonkey, that’s a 33% increase from last year.

LE: Women have more power than ever.

Though some have argued that the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements have had a negative impact on relationships between men and women at work,


Sandberg disagrees.

Of course she does. She wants more unchecked power.

She says the movements have had an “overwhelmingly positive” impact on the workplace, especially in spotlighting the problem of sexual harassment against women.

Positive for whom?

Rachel Thomas, president of, tells CNBC Make It that “sexual harassment is a lot of things, and it’s a really complicated issue, but a big piece of it is power dynamics.”

Absolutely. It is all about power. But the #MeToo movement is about taking power from men and handing it to women.

“We need more women in positions of leadership, more people of color and more LGBTQ people,” she says. “We need to change what leadership looks like in our organizations because we know that will lead to more safer and stronger workplaces.”

What we need is more competence and less identity politics. Every job should be done by the most qualified person to do it. If the most qualified person is a black gay woman so be it, black man, so be it, white man too.

How come these women leaders never argue for more representation in garbage collection or mining operation or roofing? Those are all men, how come women don’t want a piece of that lucrative pie?

Identity politics is all about grabbing unearned and undeserved power.

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