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WWII Plane Discovered Under 300 Feet of Ice in Greenland

In 80 years there has been zero net ice loss.

This correlates with personal experience. We're not seeing much warming around here.

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Multiple NASA Studies Confirm Bedrock Heat Flow Behind Melting Polar Ice, Not Global Warming

Multiple studies have confirmed that most climate change is caused by nature and not by humans

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Glacier National Park Quietly Ditches Signs Saying Glaciers Will 'All Be Gone' By 2020

Glaciers have been shrinking for thousands of years. Human activities haven't really made a huge difference. Time to stop climate alarmism.

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The Sky Ain't Falling

Climate change extremism, like most extremisms isn't helpful except to those who gain from it. It alienates most reasonable people.

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Economists Have Been "Useful Idiots" for the Green Socialists

Interesting read.

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Death rates from energy production per TWh

We need to re-evaluate energy sources properly. Nuclear power generation has resulted in the fewest deaths. They don't show death from Wind turbines accidents

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Big U-turn: Key melting Greenland glacier is growing again

A major Greenland glacier that was one of the fastest shrinking ice and snow masses on Earth is growing again, a new NASA study finds.

I'm sure they'll find a way to blame this on global warming.

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Japan Antarctic Research Station Shows No Warming In 50 Years!

I'm sure that climate alarmists can explain this...

Not holding my breath.

This correlates with my personal observation. In the last thirty years in eastern Canada, it hasn't gotten any warmer in any personally detectable manner.

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Study Clarifies U.S. Beef's Resource Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

So, raising beef isn't as bad as it has been made to be.

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