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Neurosurgeons successfully implant 3D printed skull

A 22-year-old woman from the Netherlands who suffers from a chronic bone disorder -- which has increased the thickness of her skull from 1.5cm to 5cm, causing reduced eyesight and severe headaches -- has had the top section of her skull removed and replaced with a 3D printed implant.

This is so cool.

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Apple's objections show why e-book monitor is needed: judge

I'm starting to believe that Tim Cook is an idiot. This is not how you handle these things.

This is Washington D.C., the way to go about this is to hire lobbyists and flood Washington with money. That's what all the smart high tech companies are doing.

Apple spent a paltry $2 millions in 2012 and about $4 millions in 2013. Google spent $18 millions in 2012 and it's not really having any legal problems with DOJ despite their various violations.

That's one place that Apple can really, really learn from Google.

Amazon, the real source of this lawsuit for Apple, spent $2.5m in 2012 and more than $3.5m in 2013 on lobbying.

Apple can easily afford $50m to spend per year on lobbying and all its legal troubles with the DOJ would go away.

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Apple's Star Chamber: An abusive judge and her prosecutor friend besiege the tech maker

A well deserved spanking to judge Cote in Apple's persecution in the ebook case

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iPad Art - Morgan Freeman Finger Painting

Amazing work!

And they say iPads are for consumption only. Hah!

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Things Are a Little Different in Canada

It's soooo True!

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The Charitable-Industrial Complex

So true!

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Changing View on Viruses: Not So Small After All


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Cola-flavored wine for the younger audience. It's come to this?


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Microsoft Sues U.S. Customs for Failed Google Phone Ban

If true, that means Google has some extraordinary pull with the government.

What could they be giving the government in return for this special treatment?

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Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Best lawsuit against Apple ever!

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