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The parable of the the PDA: predicting the smartphone's future

The problem is that the vendors that lost this game failed because they listened to their customers. Like with PDAs or with the original mobile phones or first generation of PCs, early adopters are not the audience that should be consulted on how to improve the product.

Horace Dediu makes very good points. Must read.

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Swiss break through in world's longest tunnel

That's one long tunnel. I guess they can't make it really drivable at this length, so trains only.

Still very cool!

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Usain Bolt snubs London meeting over tax laws

One surely effective way of driving visitors away from your country. Take away their money!

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Apple and AT&T: Time to Wake Up and Smell the Class Action

The only merit that this lawsuit has is with unlocking iPhones after the contract is over.

Beyond that, from Apps to exclusivity, it's all hogwash.

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