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Lawyer: Apple Should Protect Me From My Porn Addiction

Best lawsuit against Apple ever!

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Court rules Apple fixed ebook prices, led an illegal conspiracy

A federal court in New York has come down hard on Apple in a closely watched case over ebook pricing. In a ruling issued Tuesday morning, US District Judge Denise Cote ruled that the company "brilliantly" organized a conspiracy to raise prices and thwart competition.

In a 160-page ruling, Cote points to phone calls, emails and the words of Apple founder Steve Jobs to conclude that the company orchestrated an illegal "scheme" in which five major publishers changed their pricing practices. The court said that the prime target of the conspiracy was Amazon, whose Kindle tablet competes with Apple's iPad, and whose pricing practices infuriated publishers.

And everybody, except Amazon, loses in the long run. Even the consumers that the DOJ are allegedly trying to protect.

Hopefully, Apple wins on appeal.

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Fidelity Contrafund cut Apple stake 3 percent in December

Since when is the sale of 3% of ones holdings in a company newsworthy? If he dumped all his holdings in Apple, or even half the holdings, then maybe it's worthy of mentioning, but 3%? Really?

Who is paying for these negative articles about Apple here on Reuters?

Only somebody who has a vested interest in knocking Apple's stock down would describe Apple's holiday quarter performance as weak. Even the timing of this article smells fishy. 2 Minutes before stock markets open?

Apple's sales rose over last year's holiday quarter, profits rose over last year holiday quarter, guidance rose over last year. By every metric Apple is performing extremely well. And yet, it keeps getting described as 'Weak'!

Stock Market manipulation much?

PS: I posted this comment on the article directly on Reuters site and of course, the moderators dumped it. The article is showing 0 comments

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Incremental Change Wins Apple Big Gains

Apple starts with a very good product and then keeps improving it. Great formula for keeping users happy.

Good article.

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How Apple Makes the World a Better Place

Good article.

Apple doesn't compete on price. It competes with features, quality and innovation. Which makes things better and resists the trend for ever cheaper/crappier stuff.

That creates more value, and more value is distributed between a lot more people.

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Chinese Police seize Apple iPhone branded gas stoves


Tags: Apple Counterfeit Apple China Counterfeit Chinese

Apple Reports Fourth Quarter Results

Apple reports $28.27 Billions in revenue, a rise of 38% over last year's same quarter and 'Anal-ysts' are disappointed.

Some clueless idiots pull numbers out of their collective asses and when Apple doesn't meet those arbitrary numbers, the market punishes it.

Does it feel like clueless betting by those 'Anal-ysts' to anybody else?

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Why We Witnessed History at the iPhone 4S Launch

History in the making indeed. But only if Siri works as advertised.

But, seeing how Steve Jobs worked for the last fourteen years, I don't believe they would promote something so much if it didn't live up to the hype.

So I believe that indeed, this one is history in the making.

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Apple says iPhone 4S broke pre-order record

That's more than 11 per second.


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Apple, RIM group wins $4.5 billion Nortel patent auction

With Microsoft pursuing Android makers for licensing, and now this, soon everybody will be making more money from Android than Google. Even Apple can now ask for licensing fees from Android makers.

Samsung was not listed as one of the companies that bought this portfolio, so now Apple have more ammo in their fight with them.

For some reason I expected Apple, with their gigantic hoard of cash to be the winner of this auction.

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