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Changing View on Viruses: Not So Small After All


Tags: Biology Giant Viruses

Parasite Turns Wasps Into Outsider Zombie Queens

Holy Crap!

That's really creepy and gruesome.

Tags: Biology Wasps Paper Wasps Parasitic Flies Wasp Parasites

Scientists find 'Master switch' gene for obesity


Hopefully, this will lead to reducing Type II diabetes..

Tags: Biology diabetes genetics

How man 'lost his penile spines'

Along the way we lost our 'Boners'.

Tags: Evolution Penile Spines Human Evolution Primates Biology

Biggest Bear Ever Found

11 Feet tall, 1 and a half tons. That would have been very scary face to face.

Tags: Biology Giant Bear Giant Mammals

Aerodynamics of flying snakes

It's amazing what one can find in nature.

Tags: Biology Snakes Flying Snake