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Court rules Apple fixed ebook prices, led an illegal conspiracy

A federal court in New York has come down hard on Apple in a closely watched case over ebook pricing. In a ruling issued Tuesday morning, US District Judge Denise Cote ruled that the company "brilliantly" organized a conspiracy to raise prices and thwart competition.

In a 160-page ruling, Cote points to phone calls, emails and the words of Apple founder Steve Jobs to conclude that the company orchestrated an illegal "scheme" in which five major publishers changed their pricing practices. The court said that the prime target of the conspiracy was Amazon, whose Kindle tablet competes with Apple's iPad, and whose pricing practices infuriated publishers.

And everybody, except Amazon, loses in the long run. Even the consumers that the DOJ are allegedly trying to protect.

Hopefully, Apple wins on appeal.

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As Competition Wanes, Amazon Cuts Back Discounts

Does this surprise anybody?

Amazon is a business in it to make money. Kill all competition and then get all the money. Just logical business.

Sucks for competitors and in the long run it will suck for consumers, but it's just business. After all, it's being protected by the U.S. government itself. Yes, anti-trust lawsuit to protect a rising monopoly.

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Music Industry Will Force Licenses on Amazon Cloud Player ... or Else

The music labels are bullies. Bullies take what they can whether it's rightfully theirs or not.

If nobody stands up to them, then they'll bully everybody.

How we access our music after paying for it is none of their business and they shouldn't have a say in it.

What they mostly hate about this is that users of this service will be able to access their music collection from anywhere without the need to repurchase it. Plus, Amazon's cloud is very well backed up and users won't be losing their music collection anymore; not to theft, not to fire or none of the other reasons that caused people in the past to repurchase the same music again and again, benefitting those mobs over and over.

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