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Fidelity Contrafund cut Apple stake 3 percent in December

Since when is the sale of 3% of ones holdings in a company newsworthy? If he dumped all his holdings in Apple, or even half the holdings, then maybe it's worthy of mentioning, but 3%? Really?

Who is paying for these negative articles about Apple here on Reuters?

Only somebody who has a vested interest in knocking Apple's stock down would describe Apple's holiday quarter performance as weak. Even the timing of this article smells fishy. 2 Minutes before stock markets open?

Apple's sales rose over last year's holiday quarter, profits rose over last year holiday quarter, guidance rose over last year. By every metric Apple is performing extremely well. And yet, it keeps getting described as 'Weak'!

Stock Market manipulation much?

PS: I posted this comment on the article directly on Reuters site and of course, the moderators dumped it. The article is showing 0 comments

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