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Apple, RIM group wins $4.5 billion Nortel patent auction

With Microsoft pursuing Android makers for licensing, and now this, soon everybody will be making more money from Android than Google. Even Apple can now ask for licensing fees from Android makers.

Samsung was not listed as one of the companies that bought this portfolio, so now Apple have more ammo in their fight with them.

For some reason I expected Apple, with their gigantic hoard of cash to be the winner of this auction.

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iOS vs Android: Developers Weigh In

Appcelerator has just published the results from its most recent mobile developer survey and the results shed some insight into what platforms and device types are most compelling to developers in the short term and for the long haul.

The title should be fixed to: "iOS vs Android: Appcelerator users Weigh In"

Appcelerator is used by a tiny minority of iOS developers, so this survey is very highly skewed.

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iOS 4 walkthrough

Comprehensive list of additions and changes to iOS for iPhone 4.

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